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Japanese vi (vim), jvim

Jvim can be used with both the uum input method of Wnn as well as the X11 kinput2 kanji front end processor. Although uum comes with Wnn, it is not as popular as kinput2. Kinput2 is more customizable and has a nice graphic matrix of possible kanji.

jvim and uum

First, you need to start up jserver then you need to start up umm. After umm creates your dictionaries, you can then start up jvim.

Now the fun begins. The bottom of screen first shows that you are in English input mode \includegraphics{editors/images/}

You need to get into Japanese input mode. Press i to get into input mode then press CTRL-SPACE or CTRL-SHIFT-2. The menu bar at the bottom of the screen will change into Japanese:


The top of the screen will have a small Japanese cursor:


Craig Toshio Oda