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Mutt section contributed by Rex Walters.

I've recently switched to a new mail tool both at home and at work. The mail user agent I selected, mutt

has a wealth of nice features, but the ones that really caught my eye (and led me to chose mutt even though it's officially still in beta) are:

Maildir support Maildir is a mail storage format that eliminates the need for file locking (great for NFS).
Japanese language patch availability

In addition to the big three (for me), mutt has a long list of other niceties:

As you can see in the following screenshot, I run mutt under an rxvt window. This screenshot demonstrates lots of nice things: underlining, highlighting quoted texts and signatures in different colors, international character sets, and rxvt's lovely ability to use pixmaps as a background (I'm using the yellow_stucco background from Netscape's background page).

Setting Up Mutt for a Japanese Environment

I've been asked to write up a brief description of how to set up your environment to support Mutt with Japanese characters. The steps I followed were as follows:

1 Download and untar the latest version of rxvt

2 Compile rxvt with kanji support

	./configure \
        --enable-kanji --enable-xpm-background --with-xpm</code>)

3 Install the kanji-fied version of rxvt as kxvt (I keep both a no-kanji rxvt and a kanji version around).

4 Download and untar slang from and Kikutani-san's Japanese patches from

5 Download and untar mutt-0.84 from

and Kikutani-san's patches from (note: the patches haven't been updated for mutt-0.85 or mutt-0.86 yet).

6 Apply the patches

   for file in *.pat; do patch -p0 &lt; $file; done

7 Compile slang (no configure options necessary)

8 Compile mutt

   ./configure --with-slang \
  --with-homespool=Maildir --enable-hidden-host --enable-pop

Once everything is compiled and installed, mutt should run fine under kxvt, kterm, kon, or whatever. I use

   kxvt -fg black -pixmap \
   ~/bg/yellow_stucco.xpm -e kmutt &

Additional Mutt related information



mutt with Japanese support


yellow_stucco background

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Craig Toshio Oda