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The ktin program included in the JE distribution works nicely. I encountered two problems: 1) ktin overwrote my English tin in /usr/bin/tin and now I have to always read my news under the Japanese environment, 2) ktin calls up the vi editor when you post notes. vi cannot display Japanese. I had to install jvim and link /usr/bin/vi to /usr/local/bin/jvim

Hint ktin makes use of two important environmental variables: KMENU and KCODE.

Scenario 1: Working mainly in English, but accepting dialin and telnet access from users with mainly PC and Mac computers

   bash$ KMENU=original
   bash$ KCODE=sjis
   bash$ export KMENU KCODE

Since Macintosh and Windows PCs utilize the ShiftJIS Japanese encoding method, I have set ktin to display and accept the input of ShiftJIS characters. In this example, I am leaving the menus in English for the benefit of people who cannot read Japanese.

Scenario 2: You are comfortable reading Japanese menus and you do not usually accept logins from Mac or Windows machines.

   bash$ KMENU=japanese
   bash$ KCODE=euc
   bash$ export KMENU KCODE

In this example the menus are in Japanese. EUC Japanese encoding is used.

Craig Toshio Oda