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Debian Package of Communicator 4.0 Installer

I was going through the Debian-JP site when I found a nice installer for Netscape Communicator v403. It sets the X11R6 locale/ja up so that the cut and paste feature works with Japanese. There is also a nice resource option that sets all the menus to Japanese.

I thought this was a pretty slick way to get the Japanese cut and paste support to work with Netscape under Linux.

It is available from in /pub/Linux/debian-jp/contrib-jp. The package in the contrib-jp directory is /binary-i386/netscape-jp_v403-3.deb.

In addition to loading the liblocale so that the cut and paste works, there are extensive menus in Japanese. Either the English or the Japanese menus can be set to default.



Craig Toshio Oda