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Sample of a Unicode 2.0 chart

Netscape Navigator 4.0 for Linux has the ability to display Unicode UTF-8 characters. From the encoding menu, select, Unicode (UTF-8), the fourth row from the bottom.


With UTF-8 encoding selected, Netscape can display UTF-8 files under Linux.


Several editors can display unicode. AT&T Bell Labs released plan9 with an assortment of programs. A close copy of the editor was ported to Linux and is called wily.

Gaspar Sinai wrote yutex. A screen shot of yutex is shown below with a kinput2 window open, being used for input.



Unicode is a 16-bit encoding standard. This means that Unicode characters often waste space since text is often in 8-bit encoding. ASCII, for example, uses only 8-bit encoding. UTF-8 is a transformation encoding format used to store or transmit Unicode encoded text. The translation between UTF-8 and Unicode is smooth and easy.

Craig Toshio Oda