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May Nomikai Information

from [1]

 Date:	26 May, 1999
 Time:	19:00
 Events:	drink and eat (primarily a social activity)
 Nomikai Place:	Tengu Tokyo EkiMae,
 Kyobashi 1-1-6, EchiZenYa Bld. B1/B2,
 Chuo-ku, Tokyo
 Phone: 03-3275-3691

The 13th TLUG Nomikai was on May 26th. The event was open to all Linux users and friends, and promoted casual Linux (and non-Linux) related discussions over a few cold ones.

This Nomikai was held jointly with the Linux Seminar Working Group (LSWG), and with Eric S. Raymond as the special guest(See the second picture from the top.)

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