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date=November 10th, 2007 (Saturday)| date=November 10th, 2007 (Saturday)|
time=14:00-16:30 (doors open 13:30)| time=14:00-16:30 (doors open 13:30)|
- location=Shibuya:Amazon+ location=Shibuya:Cerego
}} }}
presentations=* T.B.D.| presentations=* T.B.D.|
lightning_talks=* T.B.D.| lightning_talks=* T.B.D.|
demos=* T.B.D. demos=* T.B.D.
}} }}
{{Meetings:Categories|year=2007|month=11}} {{Meetings:Categories|year=2007|month=11}}

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TLUG holds its technical meetings at the headquarters of in Shibuya....

TLUG meetings will be announced on this page. We are always looking for people who would like to give demonstrations. If you have any ideas about meeting events, please let us know.

All Linux lovers, and supporters of open source code and free software, in the Kanto area (or anywhere else) are invited to attend the next Tokyo Linux Users Group meeting. Membership is open to anyone. There are currently no membership dues or entrance fees.

TLUG meetings are traditionally small and unstructured (VERY CASUAL). Most of the benefit of the meeting comes from chatting with other Linux users and having informal discussions.

As a general rule, the Technical Meetings are held on the 2nd SAT of odd numbered months and the Nomikai Meetings are usually held on the 2nd FRI of even numbered months. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, so it is best to keep an eye on the mailing list, or check back here for date/venue changes as the date approaches.

Meeting / 2007 - 11


November 10th, 2007 (Saturday)


14:00-16:30 (doors open 13:30)


Cerego headquarters
Ninomiya Bldg 4F
18-4 Sakuragaoka-cho
150-0031 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

[ map ]

Conference Center Amazon Developers 1 Second Life

[ SecondLife Map ]



A Ruby script for backing up using Amazon S3 for data storage by Lars Kotthoff

This month Lars Kotthoff will be giving a presentation on a Ruby script he has developed for backup using Amazon S3 web service. If you are involved in a project or have something you would like to talk about, we are always looking for presenters.

Thanks to Edmund Edgar and Jeff Barr this months meeting will be simulcast in Second Life at the Conference Center at Amazon Developers 1.

Other Items on the Agenda

  1. Introduction of new members, news about Linux/Open Source, general announcements, Q&A
  2. Auction (bring any gear that would would like to donate to TLUG)

Contact Info

For directions or information before the meeting, call:

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