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The Tokyo Linux Users Group is a non-profit non-political volunteer organization that seeks to

  1. spread the use of Linux in Japan,
  2. provide quality information on Linux related technology to its membership, and
  3. serve as a gateway between the Japanese Linux community and the rest of the Linux world.


  • June 16, 1994: establishment of a Linux conference on a local ISP by Jim Tittsler. The beginning of TLUG.
  • September 1994: first physical meeting at Ed Harter's house. Over large quantities of Mexican food and a couple of beers, the name Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG) is decided upon through voting.
  • September 1994: Craig Oda begins TLUG web site
  • 1994: Nori Nishigaya sets up the first mailing list on his Linux box called Metanoia.
  • July 9, 1995: Craig moves mailing list to his ISP after Metanoia crashes. Digest is created and both the list and digest are archived for public access. All data is backed up on tape. :-)
  • 1996: Jim Schweizer becomes first official TLUG Webmaster
  • October 1997: first election of club officers.
  • March 1998: TLUG gets its own server compliments Pacific High Tech

Features and Benefits

Mailing Lists


The TLUG mailing list is the main forum for discussion. Everyone is welcome to join and post questions in either Japanese or English.

To join the mailing list send e-mail to and include subscribe ' in the subject line.


A digest version of the TLUG mailing list is avaiable. The digest can be subscribed to in place of the mailing list. It is useful for people that receive large volumes of mail.

To subscribe to the TLUG digest, send mail to and include subscribe in the subject line.

To unsubscribe to the list or digest, replace the word subscribe with unsubscribe in the subject line.


TLUG has a separate list for discussion of administrivia: tlug-admin. If you'd like to help out with the administration of TLUG, or just want to make sure your voice is heard, feel free to subscribe. It is an open list and not moderated.

To subscribe to the TLUG-ADMIN mailing list send e-mail to and include subscribe in the subject line.

More information about these lists is available on the mailing list page.

Archive Access

All e-mail messages sent to the mailing lists are archived and available to TLUG members.

The searchable main list archive is available at: the archive site. You can also browse the tlug-admin archive and the tlug-advocacy archive.

Web Site

The TLUG web site is accessible at

Some of the features of the TLUG Web Site are:

  • meeting information
  • archive of meeting minutes and pictures
  • listing of member home pages
  • Linux links
  • Linux in Japan information
  • information on the mailing list

Comments or offers to help should be sent to the TLUG webmaster.


TLUG techincal meetings are held on the second Saturday of every odd month. Demonstrations, talks, and equipment are made available for the membership.

See the meeting page for details about upcoming meetings.


Parties are held on a week night of every even month. The social interaction, beer, and food is an excellent way to create a stronger Linux community spirit.

See the meeting page for details about upcoming parties.


TLUG is a member of GLUE and qualifies for discounts on SCC publications, including Linux Journal. WGS also offers TLUG members a discount.


TLUG negotiates donations from corporations and individuals and distributes software and hardware to the membership. The prizes are usually given out at the meetings as part of a game. TLUG has given out stickers, Linux distributions, Linux Journals, Sparc hardware, PCs, keyboards, T-Shirts, monitors, books, and a lot more.

Software and Book Library

TLUG is creating a library of books and software that can be loaned out to members.

Size of Group

The size of TLUG is calculated as the combined number of people on the TLUG mailing list and TLUG digest. There are over 240 people actively using the mailing list. The April 11th, 1998 meeting brought together over 65 Linux enthusiasts in Tokyo, including Tague Griffith of Netscape Communication's I18N division and Cliff Miller, the first President of TurboLinux.

Structure of Group

TLUG is loosely structured. If you want to volunteer, don't be shy - we can use your help. A rough organization chart is available at TLUG:Organization this place.

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