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(Professional Background)
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(Professional Background)
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- Unix System Administration - Unix System Administration
Back Office operations Back Office operations
 + '''Writer'''
 + '''Linux Magazine'''
 + ''December 2005 — Present''
'''BlueBeans''' '''BlueBeans'''
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Duties: Unix System Administration & Java Development Duties: Unix System Administration & Java Development
- '''Writer'''+ 
- '''Linux Magazine'''+
- +
- ''December 2005 — Present''+
'''Novasoft''' '''Novasoft'''

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Pietro Zuco

Pietro Zuco
Pietro Zuco

Unix System Administrator
Software Developer
Working and Living in Japan (Tokyo)
Nationality: Italian Web Site:
Contact: pietro @

Professional Background

AXA-Direct Japan

February 2008 — Present JAPAN

- Unix System Administration
Back Office operations
Linux Magazine

December 2005 — Present

October 2006 — January 2008 JAPAN

- KDDI “Users Information Management System Simulation"
Simulation of the environment to test the main software application 
that manage KDDI users relationship with banks, shops, web
pages, mobile emails and contracts.
Duties: Unix System Administration & Java Development


September 2004 — January 2006 SPAIN

- Consulting for Unix Servers infrastructures and Unix development projects.
- More than 1500 hours of teaching Unix software development and system administration
- Web development of an eLearing European project based on OpenACS and J2EE technology
Animatika Networks

November 2003 — June 2004 SPAIN

- Development of a LVS cluster system for high availability Web 
infrastructure based on Perl and Java Applets interfaces. 
- Development of a Linux distribution based on OpenMosix for diskless
 high performance clusters to render 3D projects, using povray
- and radiosity technologies. 
- Development of logs and security tools for Linux servers based on Perl.

January 1995 — July 2003 SPAIN

- Supporting technical issues for companies with Unix/Windows environments. 
- Programmer of applications for specific purposes related with System Administration. 
- Implementation of the computer network for startup companies. 
- Consulting about security, networks and configuration of the computer topology.
- Deploy, administration and configuration of services, DNS, Web Servers, Mail Servers, Firewalls.

Operating Systems:             Linux 2.2/2.4/2.6 RedHat, Debian, Slackware
                               Solaris 8/9/10, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD
                               Windows NT/2003 Server
Programming Languages:         J2SE (Swing/AWT), J2EE (Servlets, JSP), 
                               C/C++,  Bash, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, 
                               UML, XML, PL/SQL
Databases:                     PostgreSQL, Oracle 9i, MySQL
Development Tools:             Eclipse, Netbeans.
Networking:                    TCP/IP, Ethernet, CiscoOS,NS-2, CiscoOS, 3Com 
                               SDH-STM I & II, SONET OC3 
Directory Services:            LDAP, Active Directory, NIS, NIS+
Mail Servers:                  Sendmail, Qmail, Exim
Web Servers:                   Apache 1.3/2, AOLServer, IIS
Security:                      Iptables, NetScreen, Sunscreen, StoneGate, 
                               Cisco PIX, Ethercap, Snort, Ethereal, tcpdump,
Services:                      DNS, DHCP, Samba
Storage:                       ESS, SAN, NAS, DAS, Fibre Channel, 
                               iSCSI, INFINIBAND. CLARiiON, 
                               Symmetrix with PowerPath technology.
                               Veritas Cluster Server, SRDF, GDPS 2.8,
                               PPRC level 2.


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