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Distributions in Japan. This page English translation of's distribution information.

RPM Family

  • Kondara MNU/Linux
    Kondara MNU/Linux is RPM based Linux distribution. Basic installation enables both Japanese and English environments.
  • LASER5 Linux
    LASER5 Linux 6.0 is a commercial distributor from Laser 5 Co., Ltd. Much of the installer and desktop environments have been Japanized and the latest kernel and software are ready to use. It comes with a lot of printed manuals and is benign to the newbies. They have an online support for installation.
  • Linux Mandrake
    Mandrake is based on RedHat 6.x. Its default desktop environment is KDE and its software are optimised for Pentium CPUs.
  • Linux MLD Linux MLD is a commercial distro from MediaLab, using Windows95. Its installation is unique: installs from Window95, using its device information and repartitioning the FAT16 or 32 partition.
  • Miracle Linux
    is designed for business use with Linux's reliability, stability and scalability, and with a good support as a corporate server. It is designed to work with Oracle for database menagement and is ready for business application. Internet 時代のプラットフォームとして開発された Miracle Linux は,より早く確実に高付加価値システムが構築できる環境を提供いたします.
  • OpenLinux
    Caldera International, Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD) is under "Unifying UNIX with Linux for Business" philosophy and advocates "Develop-on, Deploy-on, Manage."をご覧ください.
  • SuSE
    is a popular package in Europe. They are famous for good knowledge in opensource society, providing the drivers to XFree86. They are RPM-based and have recently released the first Japanese version.
  • Turbolinux
    Turbolinux Japanese Edition is a commercial distribution from Turbolinux Japan with Japanese installer and desktop environment. It comes with the latest kernel and software as well as manuals and is easy for newbies. They also supply online installation support.
  • Vine Linux
    Vine Linux is a distribution to supply Japanese environment. The basic installation installs enables Japanese environment.

TGZ Family

  • Plamo Linux
    Plamo Linux is based on Slackware, with Japanese installer and document database. They have the Namazu-backed search facility of Japanese documentations.

DEB Family

  • Omoikane GNU/Linux
    is from Omoikane and compatible with Debian GNU/Linux.
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