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Address headquarters
Shibuya Cross Tower, 6F
2-15-1 Shibuya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station

  1. Enter the JR / Tokyu station and follow the directions from there.

JR / Tokyu Shibuya Station

  1. Take the Miyamasuzaka exit (宮益坂方面), which is the long one that goes over the street right in front of the Tokyu Toyoku Line gates
  2. Follow the exit all the way over the street (do not take any of the stairs on the right or left) until it dumps you out into an alley
  3. When you come out of the exit, keep walking straight until the alley turns to the right
  4. Turn right
  5. When you come out of the alley, there will be an elevated pedestrian bridge on your left
  6. Take the stairs, and cross the pedestrian bridge
  7. This will put you in the courtyard of Shibuya Cross Tower
  8. Enter the doors in front of you (head towards the Starbucks)
  9. Take the second set of elevators on the left (the ones that service floors 1-17)
  10. Go to the 6th floor
  11. Get out of the elevator and head towards the office (the other office on this floor is Oracle, which is not what you want)
  12. Knock on the door


  • Wireless LAN (802.11bg, unencrypted)
  • VGA projector
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